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Wealth Planning Services

Our Family Wealth & Legacy Planning Services exist to coordinate with individuals and families in an effort to design, formalize, create and implement custom wealth, investment and legacy plans to meet our client’s needs and goals.

Wealth Planning encompasses aggregating all sources of wealth; formalizing goals and objective parameters; defining and documenting risk perceptions, tolerance and capacity; assessing in place risk management strategies; reviewing estate, legacy, gifting and philanthropic plans; and determining cash management needs for large liquidity events.

Investment Planning addresses the feasibility of the financial plan by assessing stress-tested scenarios for achievability results and deploying a final and agreed upon investment allocation strategy from which to monitor on-going performance and plan progress.

Legacy Planning seeks to solidify the client legacy goals, uncovered in the financial planning process, by formulating strategies for protecting and distributing family or philanthropic wealth transfer goals; all with an eye toward passing on assets to heirs or charitable organizations in the most efficient, tax-advantaged and probate-friendly manner - now or in the future.

Plan Reviews consist of the coordination of periodic and ad-hoc assessments of the financial, investment and legacy plans. During this process all goal, objective and assumptions are reviewed, inputs updated and hypothetical scenarios analyzed and assessed for possible consideration and deployment on an as needed basis.