Charles P. Hubert (ret.)

Co-Founder Emeritus | FWA Advisory Council

Charles Hubert, after having spent nearly three decades working at various investment banks, co-founded FOCUS Wealth Advisors in 2011 with Mr. Frugoni. Prior to his retirement in 2017, he served as a senior advisor and investment strategist working in concert with the various firm professionals at all levels of client interaction.

Mr. Hubert began his career in the investment and financial services industry in 1983. During this time, he worked at some of the largest and most recognizable investment banks in the capacity of investment strategist, portfolio manager, wealth management advisor and branch sales manager. In 2017, Mr. Hubert became a member of the the firm's business advisory council and was named Co-founder Emeritus of FOCUS Wealth Advisors to honor his legacy and in recognition of the leadership and contributions he made to the firm and the clients to which he dutifully served over the course of his career

Mr. Hubert continues to volunteer much of his free time to his church as well as supporting causes important to himself, his family, his community and his faith. Among these causes are educational funding programs as well as community and spiritual outreach programs. Mr. Hubert is married with two children and two grandchildren. He has been a resident of Houston for all of his adult life and enjoys traveling with his wife, hiking, skiing and spending time with his family and friends.